Ονομαστική Παροχή καυσίμου: 40/80/120 λίτρα ανά λεπτό
Ονομαστική Παροχή υγραερίου: 30 λίτρα ανά λεπτό
Ηλεκτρομηχανικοί αθροιστές
Λειτουργία Preset (προεπιλογή λίτρα-χρήματα)
Οθόνη LCD οπίσθιου φωτισμού
Ηλεκτρονική βαθμονόμηση (καλιμπράρισμα)
Ογκομετρητής Υψηλής Ακρίβειας
Σύγχρονα Ηλεκτρονικά Μέρη
Στιβαρή κατασκευή από ανοξείδωτο χάλυβα
Επιλογές πρωτοκόλλου που παρέχει επικοινωνία με διαφορετικά συστήματα Ε.Ε
Πιστοποίηση κατά ATEX 2014/34/EU
Πιστοποίηση κατά MID 2014/32/EU


Body and General Features

Fuel Parts:
• Different flow rate options 40 lt/min. standard flow rate, 80 lt/min. high flow rate,120 lt/min. very high flow rate
• 20 ºC / + 50 ºC liquid temperature
• 25 Bar maximum working pressure

LPG Parts:
• Maximum 50 lt/ min, minimum 5 lt/ min. flow rate
• 25 Bar maximum working pressure
• 20 ºC / + 60 ºC ambient temperature

Common Features:
• ± % 0,5 fuel meter and LPG ratio and high sensitivity
• 20 ºC / + 50 ºC ambient temperature
• Corrosion resistive internal parts
• The panel made of engineering plastic and has specific place for POS-Cash Registers
• Corrosion resistive body produced by robust materials
• MID and ATEX certificated hydraulic units
• Optional language men

Electronic and Hydraulic Features

• Modular electronic units provide easy maintenance
• PID data backup and security systems
• High data security and accurate measurement by smart pulsar system
• Low leakage risk by modular hydraulic system design and advanced seal system
• Failure and service recognition, easy maintenance, ID- controlled security system with RS 485 communication interface
• Accurate measurement with ATC Probe for LPG.
• Problem-free operation with touch keypad
• 7 digit electromechanical totalizer
• High sensitivity settings by electronic calibration
• Liter / Money preset options
• Backlight / LCD information screen
• Remotely accessible 22’’ industrial controller-based outdoor LCD
• LCD screen system which show error codes, program menu codes and instructions
• Protocol options provide effective communication with different automation systems available in different regions of the world 660 mm 1305 mm 2400


• Same body design for Fuel & LPG dispensers
• Hose retraction mechanism
• Options to assemble POS-Cash Register at the field
• Wide options for hose & nozzle equipments
• Satellite dispenser implementations
• Stainless steel chassis for special applications

Only for fuel part
• Vapor recovery
• Filter options
• Different flow rate options 40 lt/min. standard flow rate, 80 lt/min. high flow rate, 120 lt/min. very high flow rate.

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