PRISMA 2x22kW Three-phase AC public charging station.

PRISMA 2x22kW Three-phase AC public charging station.



Three-phase AC public charging station.

Three-phase AC public charging station.

Power: 44kW
Protection: ΙΡ55, IK10
User authentication:


With 2x5m Mode 3 tethered cable Type 2

Built in 2x5m length, Mode 3, tethered Cables with Type 2 outlet for easy and fast connection with the Electric Vehicle


With two Type 2 Socket Outlets

Two Type 2 socket outlets with protective caps.

AC Input Characteristics
AC Input Voltage 400VAC
Input Type 3P + N + PE
AC Input Current 64Α/phase
Frequency 50/60Ηz
AC Output Characteristics
AC Output Voltage 400VAC
Power 44 kW max
AC Output Current 32Α/phase in each output
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -25 °C – 50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C – 70°C
Humidity 5% – 95% RH (without condensation)
Installation Altitude Up to 2000m
Enclosure Galvanized Steel, Polycarbonate
IP rating ΙΡ55
Mechanical Impact ΙΚ ΙΚ10
Display LCD 4,3” for each output
Outputs Two outputs – Two Τype 2 socket-outlets or Two Mode 3 tethered cable with Type 2 outlets (5m)
Dimensions 510x605x410mm (width x height x depth)
Electronic Parts
Energy Meter MID certified 3-phase energy meter per output*
Protective Devices
Overvoltage (OVP) & Undervoltage (UVP) Protection
Ground Loss Detection
Overtemperature Protection (OΤP)
RCD (Residual Current Protection) with AC leakage detection 30mA and DC smooth current detection 6mA and circuit breaker MCCB Type C per output*
Surge Protection SPD Type 2*
Communication Protocol S2W & OCPP 1.6 JSON
Language Menu Greek, English **
User Identification RFID
Connectivity Ethernet or WiFi or GSM
Charging Time 1,5-2 hours
Circuit Breaker Protection Grid 80Α
Level Of Grid Power Supply Νο 4 – Maximum Agreed Power 55kVA 3-phase from Network Operator ***
ATEX zones Installation outside ATEX zones
Grid Substation Not Applicable
Cable Cross Section 5x16mm2(cable length up to 80m), 5x25mm2 (cable length >80m)
Regulations IEC EN 61851-1:2019, IEC EN 61851-1:2017, IEC 61851-21-2:2018, EN 62196-1:2014, EN 62196-2:2016, CE
Accredited Notification Body DEKRA
Warranty Warranty 2 years